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Eco showers


Every drop counts.

Green Energy For Your Home And Business

Made from natural stone and saving water up to 75%


Pressure valve or Design faucet

ECO TECH shower head

Engraving name or logo

Marbella showers


Motion sensor

Ambient illumination

Solar system 40W

ECO TECH shower head

Engraving name or logo


Design faucet

Ambient illumination

Hot water tank 20L

ECO TECH glava tuša

Supply voltage 220V

Engraving name or logo


Eco Friendly

Our system that not only reduces all unnecesary water consumption but make it’s own energy

Water Saving

We produce showers with outstanding 50 – 75 % water saving sistem

Reneweble Energy

Solar panels that are instaled on top of the shower produces it’s own energy

Motion Sensor

There’s no need for contact with shower when there is motion sensor that keeps ou away from bacteria

If you are looking for a long term solution then you found it. It is well known that global environment is looking for concrete solutions toward water saving and using renewable energies.

Ready to Save an Extra 100% on Your Electricity Bill?

Clean. Renewable. Efficient.



















Where to find us?


Turkovo 22,

Rijeka 5100


Contact number : +38551215378

Dear visitor! Project is co-financed by European Union from Europena fund for regional development. Total value of the project is 1.700.573,17 kn, and the co-financed amount from the EU is 1.221.142,44 kn starting on 08.11.2019. Project proposal is adjustment of the product to the market and it's commercialization. Aim of the project is to launch a new productin hotel and tourism segment. Implementing the project will result in strenghtening of the manufacturing capacity of the manufacturer and also with hiring new staff. The project is focused on citizens of Croatia and on strenghtening the state budget and environmental protection regarding the renewable sources of energy with implementing new innovative solutions in information and communication technologies which are raising the standard of living. Project scope is: investing in human resource needed for implementing the project, adjusting the product for market needs, testing the product and implementing the test results into the product, preparing marketing activities for commercialization, protection and managing intellectual property of innovative solution. Project aim is: Raising investment's in research and development of small and medium companies in „Primorsko Goranska“ county in amount of 1.700.573,97 kn. The result will be achieved by conducting the activity of adjusting the product for market needs, testing the product and implementing the test results into the product. Expected results of the project: increasing revenue trough sales in amount of 1.280.00,00 kn, 1 new producton the market, hiring 4 new staff. Own share in fnancing in amoun of 479.430,73 kn. Implementation period of the project is from 08.11.2019 to 08.05.2021. Contact person for more information: Stefano Ladavac – 091 720 0427.